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Ok so I am pretttttttttttty sure I have been using the wrong makeup brushes for the wrong things for the last 10 years. Whoops-a-daises. It dawned on me the other morning that I think the brush I have been using for all over my eyelids is really meant for concealer; and I think I have mixed up blush and bronzer. I figured it was time I got things straight and decided I would let you know too (in case there were any of you out there like me who just went with it). I kind of always knew I had gotten it wrong, but I don’t think I ever really cared too much to fix it. (Isn’t it more fun to get a new pair of shoes than an expensive little brush?!). BUUUUT, I think it is important to get this right because having the right brush can make all the difference. Plus, they last YEARS if you take good care of them (i.e. be better than me and clean them often). 

Christmas is coming around the corner and these are great stocking stuffer wish-list items.

So here you have it. This actually helped me a ton and I hope it helped you too. These are great brushes as well (recommended by all the pros from what I can tell).

What brushes do you guys recommend? I’d love to know!

Lastly, I apologize in advance if my posts are few and far between in the next two weeks. I will try to do as much as I can but I am officially in law school finals – so I need to focus to pass these classes (wish me luck!). But I promise to be back by the 14th so don’t go anywhere.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Friday!

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