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Chandelier  //  Dining Table (ON SALE!)  //  Marquee Light  //  Linen Pillow  //  Pink Rug  //  Bed  //  Book  //  Chevron Throw  //  Bench  //  Couch  //  Zebra Chair  //  Zebra Dish  //  Printed Pillow  //  Painted Sign

I am so so excited to say that Ben and I will (finally) get to move into our new home soon… it’s looking like it will be sometime in February (we hope).  I can’t tell you how excited we are.  It definitely has me in a home “nesting” phase and as a result I have been driving around Phoenix looking at furniture trying to get decor ideas and buying little knick knacks.  Above are a few favorites I have come across so I wanted to share.

I definitely love a french-inspired neutral palette with some fun and unexpected pieces thrown in like that awesome zebra chair.  

What do you guys think?

Have a happy hump day and thanks for reading.

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