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The other day I was at Nordstrom with my mom when my husband texted me to say hi and ask what I was up to.  I told him I was at the mall and he responded, “will you get me some summer shirts?”  Now, this conversation might not seem like one worthy of a blog post… but if you know my husband at all then you would know this is a very very rare occasion.  I usually have to beg him to let me buy him something new… and whenever I surprise him with anything he always finds an excuse to take them back.  It’s not that he doesn’t love getting new clothes; I think he is just a humbled dude who is content with what he has.

But I really love spoiling my husband.  I love surprising him with new things… it lets him know I was thinking of him.  We girls love our bouquets, but let’s be honest… there is really no flower substitute for men.  Anyway, so I thought I would share with you today some of the items I brought home for him.

The first thing I grabbed were a few “work shirts.”  Arizona tends to get a bit toasty in the summer so short-sleeves are a must.  I love this lightweight Checkered Button-Down and this awesome Tipped Collar Polo Shirt (they have a pretty casual dress code so it’s great because he can wear them on weekends too).  I also love the Piano Key Socks and this Double-Breasted Trench Coat for rainy days.  Talk about having a sexy and stylish man!

Anyway, Nordstrom is always my go-to when shopping for my hubby because it’s a great one-stop shop!  They literally have anything and everything – and the best selection of it all.

In sum, I think you should all tell the men in your life you appreciate them.  It’s not Father’s Day, it’s not their birthday, and it’s not even Valentine’s Day.  It’s just because.  Because they deserve to be spoiled too.

Thanks so much for visiting.  Have a great Wednesday.

*This post is sponsored by Nordstrom but my words, thoughts and opinions (as always) are my own.  Thank you for supporting the companies that support this blog.

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