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Another weekend has gone by and we are that much closer to full-blown Fall (it officially starts on September 22nd).  I must say, despite the high temps my mind has been ready for Fall (I’ve even already started ordering my fave Pumpkin Spice Lattes and have been ignoring the sweat dripping from my face after drinking a hot drink).  Fall is just my favorite time to shop because it’s my favorite season to dress for.  It’s fun to play with different textures and layers and I love the rich colors.  While I love adding new items to my closet and getting ready for the new season, my wallet might not so much.  With a little patience though, and smart choices, there are some easy ways to save big, and here’s one…

First is the fun part… find what you love.  Next comes the easy part… Instead of dutifully having to keep your eye on it until it goes on sale (and trust me, everything always goes on sale), there’s a great website that will do that for you called Rack It Up.  It’s really easy to use: simply drag their button to your bookmark bar and when you’re shopping online and find what you love, hit the button and select your size.  Rack It Up will then notify you when that item is marked down or has gone on sale by simply sending you an email.  It’s a super easy process that saves you tons of time, and, best of all, money!  

Above are some items currently on my wish list and you can also find them on my RIU profile.  Be sure to follow along and leave a comment below with a link to your profile so I can follow you back.

Shop These Items Here:

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