Hey darlings, I wanted to share a bit of an update to my nighttime skin care routine.  I recently had the pleasure of heading into the Scottsdale Dermalogica concept store to receive a complimentary skincare treatment.  They analyzed my skin and customized a Dermalogica regimen based on my skins needs… pretty cool.

The treatment itself was super relaxing and really informative, actually.  I loved all of the products and left with really clear skin… and even better, it has actually stayed relatively clear since I have been implementing my new products into my routine at home.  I say relatively because I have had a few slip-ups here and there where I have gotten lazy… but for the most part, I have sworn to take better care of my skin.

Anyway, during their face mapping skin analysis I confessed that I rarely wash my face at night and never use a toner after cleansing, so the skin therapist recommended their precleanse treatment and their multi-active toner, which helps your skin properly absorb your moisturizer.  She also noticed the drying effects that this recent hot Arizona weather has had on my skin, so I also went home with their skin smoothing cream.

As for the customized treatment, f

irst she doubled cleansed my skin, using the precleanser and their special cleansing gel,

as she talked about the importance of preventing skin dehydration by properly cleansing and moisturizing at night.  As I mentioned, I have never been the best at cleansing my skin at night – I usually just get lazy and take my makeup off with a towelette and call it a day.  But I know cleansing before bed is essential to looking younger, longer.  Overnight, your skin needs oxygen to repair itself, and sleeping with your makeup on deprives it of that oxygen.  When makeup is left on, it blocks the natural exfoliating process, which can leave your skin looking dull.  The precleanse treatment has helped me to quickly and effectively remove my makeup before washing off the external factors associated with aging that your skin is exposed to throughout the day.

Next, she exfoliated my skin and “extracted” the impurities (I have always called this “grating cheese” haha, for obvious reasons).  But she did teach me that if you’re going to “extract” at home, that you shouldn’t force the blackheads out… simply wrap your fingers in tissue paper and as you squeeze, wiggle your fingers a bit to help it come out.  If it doesn’t come out after three attempts from different angles, move on.

Anyway, after that, she applied a hydrating masque followed their multi-active toner and skin smoothing cream.  I am kind of obsessed with the toner because it hydrates and refreshens your skin.  A major bonus is that you can use this product while in-flight to keep your skin hydrated.  Whenever I travel my skin always takes a beating so I can’t wait to get their travel size and use this product on our next flight.

All in all, I am really happy with the products and I loved the treatment.  I have been using these products both morning and night and have seen a difference in my skin…. and I think that is because through this experience I have learned that I need to pay closer attention to the needs of my skin, rather than getting sucked into a routine that might have worked last season when the weather was different or I was getting more sleep.

What skincare products do you guys use at night to rehydrate and what are you doing to switch up your skincare routine?



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