Today I’m excited to share with you Groupon’s new way to
save money – coupons.  I know, seems pretty traditional right?  But GrouponCoupons includes 9,000 different stores including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Sephora.  The best part?  It is completely free
to use and all in one place.  No more clicking around your favorite sites to see
if they have a sale going on, or waiting for an email to give you a free
shipping code.  Groupon Coupons does all of this for you and collects it in one
spot for your sale searching convenience.

Currently, Groupon Coupons is offering over 70,000 coupons,
and they’re always adding new ones!  This means finding beauty and fashion on a
budget is only going to get easier.  For example, if you were looking for a good
deal on TOMS, Groupon will direct you to a page where it shows you all of deals
going on.  That could be a promo code for $20 off full-priced TOMS, or showing you
that they’re having a 25% off sale.  Either way, Groupon provides links so it’s easy
to get to the online sale. 

I love that Groupon will also show you the best
deals of the day – all of the sales, all of the promo codes, and all of the free gift
offers… all in one place.  

So basically this is a great resource for all of you online
shoppers out there looking to score deals.  I know, I know, I’ll be checking Groupon when on the hunt for a good deal. 

Shop for your next deal here.

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