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Like many make-up obsessed beauties, I am a huge fan of lipstick.  One simple swipe can completely transform your look and unleash a new persona!  Whether you’re feeling sweet in a pink coral or flirty in a purple berry or sexy in a vampy plum, you can be whoever you want, whenever and wherever you want.  So when Buxom Cosmetics invited me to try their incredible Bold Gel Lipstick collection, I got crazy excited to get my lipstick on!

After playing around with all thirty (yes, thirty) amazing saturated satin and matte shades, I wanted to share with you three of my personal favorites!

So without further adieu, let’s get started!

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I started out with a a neutral make-up base by using Buxom’s ‘Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation’ (in ‘fair game’), a pretty palette of neutral eyeshadows and finished off with a swipe of mascara from their nifty mascara bar: a really cool idea where the mascara comes with seven different brushes to create an array of lash effects, depending on your mood!  How cool, right?!


Eyeshadow, Buxom, Make-up Tutorial, Dash of Darling




Next, I used Buxom’s ‘True Nude Lip Foundation’ that I found just helps to smooth and cover your pout… but you can use it alone for a next-to-nude lip or under your gloss too!

Now, I am ready to play around with my looks using the Bold Gel Lipsticks!



For the first look, I chose to go a little sweet.  This make-up look is perfect for everyday… and more often than not, you will most likely find me in a shade just like this beauty.

I started out by using Buxom’s Bold Gel Lipstick in ‘Poison Nectar,’ followed by their Full on Lip Cream in ‘Bellini.’


Note that I don’t usually apply lipgloss all over my pout, but mostly like to just add a little shine to the centers of my top and bottom lips for a more full look.

Dash of Darling, Lipstick, Buxom, Poison Nectar, Bold Gel, Sephora


Pink, Coral, Lipstick, Dash of Darling, Make-up, Tutorial, Sweet, Bold Gel, Sephora


Buxom, Lipgloss, Pink, Plump, Pout, Sephora, Make-up, Dash of Darling, Tutorial


Plumping, Lipgloss, Buxom, Make-up, Sephora, Tutorial, Dash of Darling



For look two, I was feeling a little feminine and flirty so I went with

Buxom’s Bold Gel Lipstick

in ‘Forbidden Berry’ covered with


Full on Lip Cream

in ‘Rose Julep.’


Blush, Lipstick, Flirty, Make-up, Tutorial, Buxom


Berry, Lipstick, Dash of Darling, Make-up, Tutorial, Flirty, Sephora


Dash of Darling, Plumping, Lipgloss, Full, Lips, Sephora, Buxom, Tutorial, Make-up


Buxom Lip Gloss, Full On Cream, Vinylux, Nail Polish, Bloodline, Maroon Nails



And last but not least, for my final look I was feeling a little sexy, devious and ready for fall in

Buxom’s Bold Gel Lipstick

in ‘Vampy Plum’ polished with


Full on Lip Cream

in ‘Dolly.’  This look would be perfect for a girls night out!

Plum, Buxom, Vampy, Dash of Darling, Lipstick, Sephora, Bold Gel, Make-up


Dash of Darling, Caitlin Lindquist, Buxom, Bold Gel Lipstick, Fall, Sexy Lips,


Inspiration, Dash of Darling, Make-up, Fall, Vampy Plum, Buxom, Sephora, Lipstick, Bold Gel, Matte, Lipgloss, Dolly


Buxom, Lipgloss, Sephora, Plumping, Shine, Lips, Make-up


Make-up, Buxom, Sephora, Bold Gel Lipsticks,

All in all, I seriously adore not only Buxom Cosmetics, but especially their new ultra-lightweight gel formula!  Each shade is super pigmented, lasted forever and was really hydrating, which, for Arizona weather, is a must!

What did you guys think of these playful looks?


Thank you to Buxom Cosmetics for partnering on this blog post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.

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