Filling your life with scent is an understated, but important detail for everyone. Did you know that smell has a strong influence on our emotions and our memories? Not only that, fragrances bring life to the air, your mood and your home. When done right they can create that perfect moment.

And no one does fragrance (for her, him, and the home) as timeless and elegant than

Jo Malone London

, which is why I was so excited to hear they were opening a boutique right here in Phoenix at the Biltmore Fashion Park. Celebrating their new scent, Mimosa and Cardamom, I got to experience their unique way of fragrance combining to create a scent tailored just for me.


When I visited the store, first things first, I was re-introduced to the six collections Jo Malone London offers: citrus, floral, fruity, spicy, light floral, and woody. I took a seat at the Tasting Bar where I was treated to a luxurious hand and arm massage. This is where they begin to layer scents with hand wash, lotions, and creams to create a scent tailored to me. It was such a fun experience which I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new signature scent, or looking for the perfect combination for a special occasion.


I brought home the new Mimosa and Cardamom cologne, which combines rose, golden mimosa, spicy crushed cardamom, and sandalwood – so basically the perfect blend of feminine florals with a hint of bohemian spirit. Because you can layer their delicious yet soft scents, I also chose the Peony & Blush Suede candle… It’s the perfect addition to my home, and the styling of the candle itself is super chic!

Have you guys ever tried Jo Malone London? If you’re in Phoenix, be sure to check out their new location at the Biltmore and treat yourself to their tasting bar to find your own unique scent!



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