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You guys, I know I might just be the worlds worst blogger. But, #momlife comes first. We fought too dang long and hard for Luna to not relish every single freaking moment with her. BUT, now that she is a little older, *insert mom tears,* I am ready to start throwing my passions back into…

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While we were visiting home in Park City, Utah for the holidays, for the first time we took Luna sledding at Promontory on their cute little hill. It was so fun and she had a blast going fast….

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Dash Note|01.10

New Years Resolutions 2019

Can you believe it’s 2019?! Wow. I feel like 2018 flew by. And for us, it was the best year of our lives, so I was a little sad to have it end… but I know that the best lies ahead because every single day with Luna just gets better and better. This year, I didn’t really take the time to write down resolutions with Ben like we usually do (basically, parenthood haha). But I thought I might share some resolutions I have for this upcoming year with you because I feel like getting them on paper always seems to help:

  • Get pregnant and expand our family
  • Take another overseas trip with Ben and Luna
  • Put down my phone more and be present
  • Get more work done during the week (and actually blog consistently again)
  • Take my workouts from 4 days a week to 5
  • Go on more dates with Ben
  • Write a children’s book (putting this out in the atmosphere so I can make it happen)
  • Go on more hikes with Luna
  • Answer my dang emails haha

I am trying to keep my “goals” more realistic this year. What are yours?

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I shared some snippets on my Instagram, but this year we celebrated the holidays again at ‘Christmas at the Princess,’ the Fairmont in Scottsdale’s epic Christmas destination in Arizona. It’s such a cute little family-friendly tradition and it was our second…

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