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Dash Note|04.01
Dash Note|04.01

6 Facts About Me

Another 6 fun facts about me:

1) I am a list-maker. From to-do’s, to grocery store lists, to packing lists, to the girls monthly stats… I keep a lot of lists.

2) I have 9 piercings. All ears and one old school belly button circa early 2000’s that I took out when we started IVF.

3) I hate cooking. I mean, I am ok at it… but Ben is way better. I am more of a baker (sweet tooth queen).

4) I love exercise and try to do 3 activities a day (whether its peloton + tonal + a walk or a hike + tennis + a bike ride).

5) I was the captain of my high school tennis team. I play every so often these days but am hoping to pick it back up again more.

6) I am a mix between a type 2 and type 4 enneagram.

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Dash Note|03.13
Dash Note|03.13

6 Facts About Me

Whether your’e a new follower or have been with me since my law school days, I thought it would be fun to do a quick get to know me post:

1) I’m from Park City, Utah and miss the mountains (and snow) everyday. We usually go back home for Christmas and the summers (Arizona summers don’t mess around).

2) I’m 5’11”. Photos can be deceiving. I used to hate my height, but now I embrace it.

3) I have one tattoo: a moon. I got it before Luna was born. Yes, it was partially for her because we always knew we wanted to name our someday daughter that. But its main significance is for our two sets of twins that I miscarried. Because we always said they were ‘our sun, our moon, our stars.’ I better add a sun for Soleil.

4) I have three older siblings (yes, I am the baby). Two brothers and one sister.

5) I worked in politics as a fundraiser on a presidential campaign out of college but decided law school was a better fit. I got sick of talking politics with everyone I met.

6) I say “lifestyle influencer” when I am asked what I do for a living. I used to dumb it down and say, ‘oh, I have this “little” blog…’ But then I realized I was degrading myself by minimizing what I do.

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Dash Note|01.10
Dash Note|01.10

New Years Resolutions 2019

Can you believe it’s 2019?! Wow. I feel like 2018 flew by. And for us, it was the best year of our lives, so I was a little sad to have it end… but I know that the best lies ahead because every single day with Luna just gets better and better. This year, I didn’t really take the time to write down resolutions with Ben like we usually do (basically, parenthood haha). But I thought I might share some resolutions I have for this upcoming year with you because I feel like getting them on paper always seems to help:

  • Get pregnant and expand our family
  • Take another overseas trip with Ben and Luna
  • Put down my phone more and be present
  • Get more work done during the week (and actually blog consistently again)
  • Take my workouts from 4 days a week to 5
  • Go on more dates with Ben
  • Write a children’s book (putting this out in the atmosphere so I can make it happen)
  • Go on more hikes with Luna
  • Answer my dang emails haha

I am trying to keep my “goals” more realistic this year. What are yours?