At the start of each year, we always resolve to make ourselves better in some way.  Whether it be to start a new diet, exercise more often or to always open doors for others.

I like making new years resolutions because, even if I am not able to follow through with some or all, it’s just good practice to reflect on ourselves and on the changes we want or need to make.

So this year, aside from the more commonly recited resolutions to “stress less and drink more water,” I have resolved to quit wishing for better hair, and to do something about it.

So with that said, I’ve partnered with Pro Beauty Tools to highlight my must-do new year hair resolutions that are easy to practice all year long and will help you (and me) achieve salon quality looks at home.

1. Break out of my comfort zone and try more hairstyles that aren’t my signature loose curls.

This year, I don’t want to let my hair get into a rut.  I resolve to play with different styles to keep my hair looking fresh.  Whether it’s simply switching it up to a chic ballerina bun, throwing in a loose fishtail, adding a playful vintage barrette or curling your hair in a different way – changing up your look will give your locks new life!

2. Learn and use the proper heat settings for my fine hair.

Your hair texture and type should determine your heat settings.  I have fine hair, so I should be using no more than about 250-350 degrees on my hair.  If you have thicker or coarse hair, you can get away with up to about 410 degrees.  Pro Beauty Tools, like their Shine Enhancing Ceramic Straightener and Professional Gold Curling Iron, are great because they have multiple heat settings, making them perfect for all hair types.

3. Use a weekly deep conditioner to detangle and repair.

This one is easy.  Simply treat yourself to an extra long shower once a week, or even add in a little weekly pamper session by incorporating a deep condition into your routine.  A weekly deep conditioner will help repair damage and dryness by restoring your hair’s elasticity.

4. Use a heat protectant every time I put heat to my hair.

We all know heat can be very damaging to our delicate locks, so it’s important to use a protective barrier between your hair and the heat source.  Start with a quality heat protectant  on damp hair before blow drying to reduce breakage and avoid those dreaded split ends.  I personally love Kerastase’s Ciment Thermique.


Learn how to give myself a proper blowout at home.

Blowout bars have made women everywhere appreciate the art of a good blowout… but with saving money one of my good old regular new years resolutions, it’s time I try to learn how to blow out my own hair so I can wow people with my mane without the thinner wallet.  So on that note, today I am sharing with you what I have been practicing the past few months using my Pro Beauty Tools 1875W Ionic AC Motor Dryer.  What I love about this dryer is that it delivers professional performance at a budget friendly price (it’s only $39.99).

First, start out with damp hair.  To avoid breakage, be sure to gently brush out tangles, I prefer to use my Wet Brush, and use a heat protector.

Next, section out your hair by pinning up the top layers.  You’ll want to start blowing out the bottom layers and work your way up.

Start by draping a small section of hair over the top of your brush.  Then, pointing the nozzle of your hair dryer down, pull the brush from root to tips.  Do this a few times.

Next, switch the angle of the heat to underneath pointing up to give your roots lift.  As you pull your brush towards your tips, angle the nozzle to point away from your face to give your hair a little body and bounce.  Do this until your hair is dry.  And speaking of dry, if you have long hair like me then drying your hair can be a process… but if you use Pro Beauty Tools Hair Dryer, the one I am using here, the ionic technology helps to reduce the time of styling while conditioning to make hair shinier and reduce frizz.  Win-win.

Then, repeat on the other side.

Take the top half of your hair down and repeat.

Lastly, for my bangs, I like to smooth them out by pointing the nozzle down to eliminate frizz,  but in order to give my roots a little more bounce, I blow out my bangs in an “X” shape, pulling the left side to the right, then the right to the left.  Finally, when it’s all dry, I find my part and look it cool.

And voilá, now you have blown out your hair to be nice and straight.


What do you guys think, will you try to blow your hair out smooth at home?

Thanks to Pro Beauty Tools for partnering on this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that help support Dash of Darling.

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