Dash of Darling | 17 Week Pregnancy Update
Dash of Darling | 17 Week Pregnancy Update

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DRESS: Sage the Label Dress via Muse Apparel  |  JACKET: Madewell Classic Denim Jacket  |  SHOES: PS821 Sneakers (I also love this option which is more affordable)  | LUNA'S OUTFIT: Jamie Kay

Dash of Darling | 17 Week Pregnancy Update

Now that I finally feel like I have turned the first trimester corner and am not perpetually nauseous, I can actually start better documenting this pregnancy (something I wasn't very good about with Luna). 

I touched upon my 17 week pregnancy update on Instagram as well as brought you up to speed on my first trimester on our pregnancy announcement, but I wanted to update you a little more here.

Dash of Darling | 17 Week Pregnancy Update
Dash of Darling | 17 Week Pregnancy Update
Dash of Darling | 17 Week Pregnancy Update

Weeks 4-6

When I found out I was pregnant, I was seriously the mayor of cloud nine. It was honestly the most amazing, most shocking news of my life. I wasn't sharing with ANYONE quite yet because I was terrified of jinxing it. I went to my close friends house for a play date and wanted to tell her soooo bad (I honestly wanted to scream it from the rooftops), but Ben made me hold my tongue haha.

I could already feel the bloat come on rather quickly though (and I was snapping up tummy pictures in the mirror like crazy)... I was sure people would be able to tell because it was so, 'out there,' haha... but come to find out it was actually more the cyst than the baby. Go figure.

At week 5 though (super early), the nausea came on. Eek! With Luna, I didn't feel any nausea until around weeks 8/9. It's amazing how every pregnancy is just so different. I was expecting to be less nauseous this pregnancy since, for the first time in a VERY long time, I am not on added hormones. NATURAL PREGNANCY FOR THE WIN! But nope.

Weeks 6-9

Oh man. I was honestly IMMOBILIZED. The nausea. The hormonal migraines. Oh my gosh. Add that on top of being a mom of a toddler and I felt seriously defeated. It was HARD. Thank goodness for our nanny coming to the rescue and bringing me ginger ale, zofran and crackers.

At week 8 we went to Jackson Hole with my family and told them in person. It was so awesome (my Dad cried (he even had the lip quiver and it was the sweetest thing ever)). It was so cool to share with them. But sadly, that entire weekend I was worthless. So nauseous. So tired. I could barely open my eyes in the mornings by 8am (thank goodness for Ben being Dad of the year) and was passed out on the couch by 5pm and in bed fast asleep no later than 7pm.

The super bloom was so gorgeous during this time in Arizona and I wanted SO BAD to get my life together enough to take an announcement photo for your guys... but I just couldn't do it. I was barely brushing my hair let alone putting on makeup and standing upright lol.

Weeks 10-12

Weeks 10-12 started to bring a little light, enough to get dressed for the day, but I was still living on a steady diet of zofran (8mg the MOMENT I woke up) and diclegis at night (anti-nausea mixed with unisom to help me sleep). I kept trying to get off the zofran but the debilitating hormonal migraines and nausea came on hard and fast.

And the evenings started to become the hardest - especially around dinnertime. I had to either eat a super early dinner or not at all (and make Ben go into the other room or I would go outside while he ate because I couldn't take the smell haha). I was also still passing out on the couch around 5pm, so I had to get most everything done first thing in the morning.

So we woke up suuuuper early one weekend morning to quickly take our pregnancy announcement photos. I was just so glad we finally accomplished taking them.

Weeks 13-17

Weeks 13-17 I have FINALLY been starting to slowly but surely feel better day by day. More like myself and less exhausted. The food aversions have started to subside for the most part (except for marinara... I can't stand the sight or smell of pizza or spaghetti (much to Ben's sadness haha)). And Mexican food: it was ALL I wanted when I was pregnant with Luna. But this pregnancy I kind of want nothing to do with it for the most part. I can tolerate it, but it's not even my fifth choice, haha.

Week 17 though I was FINALLY able to officially get myself off the Zofran. My doctor said that there would be kind of a 'come-down' period of about a day or two but to hang tight... and I did. I am SO glad I did. I wanted to get off it so bad, so this felt like a huge win!

Dash of Darling | 17 Week Pregnancy Update
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