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Dash Note|01.10
Dash Note|01.10

New Years Resolutions 2019

Can you believe it’s 2019?! Wow. I feel like 2018 flew by. And for us, it was the best year of our lives, so I was a little sad to have it end… but I know that the best lies ahead because every single day with Luna just gets better and better. This year, I didn’t really take the time to write down resolutions with Ben like we usually do (basically, parenthood haha). But I thought I might share some resolutions I have for this upcoming year with you because I feel like getting them on paper always seems to help:

  • Get pregnant and expand our family
  • Take another overseas trip with Ben and Luna
  • Put down my phone more and be present
  • Get more work done during the week (and actually blog consistently again)
  • Take my workouts from 4 days a week to 5
  • Go on more dates with Ben
  • Write a children’s book (putting this out in the atmosphere so I can make it happen)
  • Go on more hikes with Luna
  • Answer my dang emails haha

I am trying to keep my “goals” more realistic this year. What are yours?

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