Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 10-12 Month Schedule
Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 10-12 Month Schedule

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Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 10-12 Month Schedule

The other day I went to lunch with a girlfriend of mine who has a six-month-old and she mentioned she referenced our baby schedules posts and I was reminded that I forgot to update you guys. Life can get pretty busy with a toddler. But with baby two on the way for us, I like to write these things down before I forget so I myself can reference what we did with Luna. I find structure really helps me when everything else around me feels chaotic (like having a baby haha).

So I wanted to update you on Luna's 10-12 month schedule. 

Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 10-12 Month Schedule
Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 10-12 Month Schedule
Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 10-12 Month Schedule
Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 10-12 Month Schedule

Luna's 10-12 Month Schedule

Wake Time

For the most part, Luna's wake time remained consistent between 6:30am - 7:00am. We always try to aim for a consistent 7:30pm bedtime, so that seems to be on par with most kids typical 11-hour sleep cycle. Some days she'd sleep in a little later, just depending on how she was feeling and whether she was going through a growth spurt or teething phase.

Thankfully, she's always been happy just slowly waking up in her crib and hanging out, so for the sake of consistency, we usually would try to pull her out around 7:00am (unless she was still sleeping) to cue to her the start of the day. Note that I usually based her naps around a 7am start to the day.

I usually am at workout from 6am-7am (home by around 7:20am) so by the time I got home, Ben would have Luna up and dressed and started on breakfast. I always pump before workout.

Feedings (and Weaning off Breastmilk)

This leads me to feedings (and weaning). So, I always knew I wanted to aim for nursing Luna for twelve months. It was a goal of mine from the get go, (and I am so glad I was able to), but it was time to start slowwwwwly weaning her, one feed after another.

I started by eliminating the first feed of the day. I knew this one would be the easiest because Ben or I could swoop her out of bed and take her straight to the kitchen for breakfast, now that she was fully transitioned into (and loving) solids (see my baby led weaning post here). This helped distract her from the boob.

From there, I still attempted to nurse at my regular 3-hour intervals (sometimes I would end up being 3.5-4 hours, depending on our day and how she was doing).

But over time, I eliminated a few more feedings.

The next to go (around 11 months) was the feeding before her first nap of the day. This was right around snack time, so I could do the same thing: distract her with solids.

Around two weeks later (11.5 months), the next feeding I eliminated was the afternoon feeding before her second nap. I could distract her with lunch before nap time and that seemed to do the trick.

Next, was her late afternoon feeding. Again, snacks. She also discovered a love of her pacifier (which didn't appear till I started weaning her). Ugh. So sometimes, I would let her use that as a distraction. I REALLY wish I hadn't though. At the time, it was a convenient crutch for us both. In hindsight, I should have never let this happen. Because now, at 22 months, I am still trying to wean her off that. Whoops.

Anyway, the last feeding to go, just after she turned one years old, was her bedtime bottle. For this, we simply transitioned her to a 50/50 conception of Ripple Pea Milk + Califia Farms Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. I got to this concoction through both the recommendation of my friend Megan of Feeding Littles as well as trial and error. Luna was not a fan of regular almond milk, so I tried vanilla and she loved it! (I personally opted against whole milk because Luna had such terrible spit up, as you may recall, and it was always much worse when I myself consumed dairy products).

*Remember, I had already eliminated the dream feed around 6 months.

Solid Meals

With that said, Luna had breakfast around 7:05am daily, a snack around 9:30/9:45am before her first nap, another snack upon waking from her nap, lunch just before her second nap, another snack upon waking from her second nap, and dinner around 6pm.

The trick for Luna is snacks. If she was fussy or grumpy, a snack usually always did the trick. So I always told sitters that when she wakes from a nap, give her a snack. It helps her wake up. She's like her mama and is usually a little grumpy/groggy after a nap... food always helps.


There wasn't a huge difference in Luna's nap schedule between her 7-9 month schedule and 10-12 month schedule. I always aimed for the following:

Nap 1 was approximately 2.5 hours after waking up for the day
Nap 2 was 3 hours after waking from nap 1

Generally, this meant a nap around 9:30am (1-1.5 hours usually) and 1:45pm/2pm (another 1-1.5 hours).


Luna started walking at the end of 10 months, so it was a whole new world for her. She was kind of over some of her other toys and becoming more and more interested in just carrying around her baby doll, playing in her ball pit (throwing the balls out, then throwing them back in), going down her slide (or making baby go down the slide haha), and getting into everything.


Our bedtime routine stayed the same for the most part. Music (thanks to Alexa) and baths, jammies, books, bottle and in bed around 7:30pm. Sometimes, if she was too wound up, we'd turn off the lights and lay in bed together for a few minutes with a Disney movie on before going into her nursery with the bottle.

Anyway, I hope you guys found this update helpful.

I'll get Luna's 13-18 month schedule up shortly (before I forget it all), so stay tuned for that.

Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 10-12 Month Schedule
Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 10-12 Month Schedule
Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 10-12 Month Schedule
Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 10-12 Month Schedule
Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 10-12 Month Schedule
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