Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 13-19 Month Schedule
Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 13-19 Month Schedule

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Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 13-19 Month Schedule

At 13 months, I officially weaned Luna off of breastfeeding. WOW! I can't believe I made it that far. I am so freaking proud of myself. I always said I wanted to make it 12 months with her, and I am so glad I did. That's not to say it wasn't hard. And, especially in the beginning when I would cry and tremble in pain at latch, I definitely had moments where I was ready to quit. But I am happy I stuck through it.

So now that nursing is off the schedule, I wanted to update you guys with her 13-19 month schedule.

Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 13-19 Month Schedule
Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 13-19 Month Schedule
Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 13-19 Month Schedule

For the most part, Luna's schedule remained fairly similar to that of her 10-12 month schedule. The main difference being, no more breastfeeding.

Luna's 13-19 Month Schedule

Wake Time

For whatever reason, Luna's wake time averaged daily slightly later than it had before (from 7am to 7:30/8am). To be honest, this might be because she was ready for one nap sooner than anticipated (nap 2 interfering with bedtime), or because the sun began setting later and later in the spring from wintertime.

But either way, I'll take the 12 hours of sleep from her.

Play Time

For playtime before Luna's first nap of the day, we loved going down the street to the park before it got too hot. This would help tire her out sufficiently before her first nap, and gave us a little change of scenery.

After her first nap is when I would usually run out for my errands or we would schedule a lunchtime play date before heading home for nap 2.

After nap 2, we usually would just play at home in the afternoon sunshine. When her 5pm 'witching hour' would hit (haha), snacks were always a must, and we'd work on learning certain new things like colors, shapes, animal sounds, new words etc. through play based learning. Playdough was always one of her favorites as well as books, figurines, blocks, cause-and-effect toys etc. I always love to turn Alexa on and have dance parties too while I make dinner.


For months 13-19 I remained on our two-naps-a-day schedule. I noticed that she could go past her previous 9:30am nap so I moved it to 10am. This gave us a longer morning wake window for play time. Her second nap of the day remained at 2pm.

Having her naps at 10am and 2pm just made life a little easier when explaining it to baby sitters etc. too.

Honestly, if I could have had Luna stay at 2 naps forever I would have haha. But, jumping ahead here... at 20 months we switched to one nap schedule for several reasons. The first being that we moved (far far away from everything haha). So rushing out for errands and then rushing back home for naps was a bit frustrating. Second, all her friends wanted to have playdates but had all transitioned to one nap. So they were literally on opposite schedules (napping during her wake times and vice versa). And third, Luna was preparing to start school (GAH!) where they only have kids nap once a day. So I wanted to make sure she was transitioned to one nap well before then in order to make it throughout her school day.

When we transitioned to one nap, it was pretty simple. I thought for the life of me she wasn't ready because on weekends, when our schedule is more hectic, she could never make it home on time for nap and would always fall asleep in the car. But a part of me knew it was also time because regardless of going to bed, she would still be wide awake happily playing in her crib for about 40min to an hour after we'd put her in bed at night.

So, after hanging at home a few days and just pushing her slowly but surely a little further each day, she got it.


At 13 months Luna became a solids-only kind of gal (minus her bedtime bottle of pea milk + almond milk - mentioned in this post).

Although, we ended up weaning her off of that around 15 months after her pediatrician said it wasn't really necessary anymore. She was getting sufficient calories and vitamins through solids and that was enough for her. Of course, you should always seek the advice of your pediatrician in regards to what's best for your own child.

At 18 months, we did start Luna on a children's gummy multivitamin as well.

Anyway, this update is pretty simple, but I hope it helps some of you mama's out there looking for guidance.

Dash of Darling | Baby Girl 13-19 Month Schedule
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